Business Advisory Services

MEƎT acts as a mentor/ in-house advisor for new start-up businesses in the UK including; advice on employment law, legal and taxation regulations, administrative policies, financial policies, immigration guidance and valuation and marketing strategies.


What We Do


  • MEƎT is currently mentoring and acting as in-house advisor to a new technology start-up company, who specialise in innovative products and IT solutions.
  • MEƎT has been involved in preparing pitch presentations for marketing awareness and fund raising with UK business angels, University grants and governmental TECH grants.
  • MEƎT has worked with the company in adhering to requirements of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa stages and obtaining Tier 2 sponsor licence for the employment of skilled experts who come under the Shortage Occupation List.
  • MEƎT is advising the management on employment law, financial and administrative policies and legal issues.
  • MEƎT has drawn numerous teaming and collaboration agreements with third parties for each related brand.


A well-established Middle East based factory opened a subsidiary company in the UK. 

MEƎT was asked to determine a roadmap on how best the new entrant subsidiary could implement an action marketing plan to penetrate a new UK market with high barriers of entry. The marketing campaign was carried out throughout the month of March 2020, which targeted 55 companies, and was split into separate sectors; supermarket chains, food producers, pharmaceutical and industrial companies, and other miscellaneous entities.

The competitive advantage per the campaign was to focus on the following streamlines:

  • Cheaper prices, dictated by lower labour overheads and cheaper infrastructure expenses. 
  • Superior raw plastic materials supplied directly by Petrochemicals.
  • A well-run CSR company with numerous accolades.
  • A supply leader and substantial presence in other countries in the Middle East.

Following the marketing campaign, a detailed report was written to the company with a recommended action plan and a formulation of a strategy to overcome obstacles and challenges.



MEƎT have recently been awarded a contract to advise a well established Middle Eastern company, who have been awarded a supply contract with BT. The advisory service is from A to Z on all the aspects of the UK based subsidiary.

Valuation and Marketing Strategies

A detailed investment appraisal valuation exercise was been carried out for a growing restaurant group and a well-known household brand. This was to determine its current market status and its future strategic direction to attract suitable investors or partners.

MEƎT focussed its investment appraisal methodology on the discounted cash flow, NPV, IRR, Payback Period and ROI% to determine the feasibility and the level of investment required. 

Subsequently, a detailed report was prepared and presented to the company owners to include; business current market position as determined by the use of business models, strategic action plan recommendation, financial appraisal, KPIs extrapolated from the P/L and Balance sheet, and finally the PE valuation of the company. 

Several studies and analysis have been   requested  over a period of 5 years. Most recently, a study was requested to determine how the long the business will need to recover to  pre- covid sales levels, the financial impact of opening a 4th branch, shareholder’s value and a detailed analysis of balance sheet figures.


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