Personal Advisory Services

MEƎT has built up a number of links with specialised UK firms to maximise advice in complex and niche issues to include immigration, taxation and inheritance regulations, relocation guidance to the UK and asset preservation.

What We Do

Inheritance & UK Taxation

MEƎT has advised a number of overseas clients in UK Wills and the redistribution of UK assets to avoid problems with inheritance and capital gains taxation. These actions were taken inline with non-Domicile regulations and Statutory Residence Test (SRT) policies


MEƎT team are currently advising several clients with various stages of immigration policy adherence and in particular; Sole Representative of Overseas Business visa, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, Tier 1 (Investor) visa, Spouse visa requirements and Skilled Worker sponsored visa

UK Relocation

MEƎT is working with families who have relocated to the UK to include procedures of school admission, scrutinising legal documents and leases, UK property law, Labour Law regulations, personal taxation policies, and inheritance planning 

Investment Portfolio

MEƎT has invested in complex investment leveraged investment portfolios over a period spanning 15 years

Asset Optimisation

MEƎT researched for a client how best to proceed with asset preservation and tax optimisation between the Middle East, UK and Canada

Caribbean Visa Program

MEƎT advised a client on how to proceed with Saint Lucia and also Dominica Citizenship investment programmes.

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